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We offer our Clientèle a wide basket of services, spanning technology to brand building. Our extensive services have gained international acclaim due to our pin point strategy and extensive attention to detail. This has been achieved due to our constant focus on client specifications, while ensuring that right from procurement through to dispatch, every product and every part of every product goes through such stringent quality checks that we are most evolved of suppliers for our Clientèle.
White label solutions provider
The standard query perennially is why do we not provide a client list, well as a white label solution provider, we offer products or services, especially common in the in the financial sector, where the provider of the service purchases a fully supported product from us , then applies its own brand and identity to it, and sells it as its own product. The purchaser assumes the seller is selling its own product. Our offering doesn't stop with just a robust platform; we know what it takes to make a complete offering. Our developers will work closely with our partners to develop and integrate any systems or procedures required. We have APIs that are available for institutional Clientèle that are looking for an industry-standard electronic interface to manage and trade. Co-brand partners have access to the same tools and resources available to White Label Partners, with the added advantage of being able to leverage the brand name and reputation. Our co-branded solution allows you to quickly expand your product offering under a shared brand identity. We offer our products to large agencies, media publishers and fortune 500 companies.
Strategy Consultation Services
With the explosive growth of handheld devices and their use by mobile professionals, today's enterprise faces the unique challenge of providing remote connectivity between these users and the critical information available in your media campaign. We have evolved as one of the leaders in understanding and creating for a purpose specific mobile strategy for our Clientèle. These Strategies are highly specific and evovled around the specific client, specific purpose, specific objective, targeting a specific demographic, for brand awareness, brand building and product launches, and mobile promotions in the mobile domain. Like SMS, WAP, Applications, QR Codes, MCMR etc. We are not just the consulatnts, for these services, we also provide roadmaps and timelines for executions, and most importantly we execute the entire media plan. This is a service which makes us a head and shoulder above the competition.
WAP Services
Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is an open international standard for application-layer network communications in a wireless -communication environment. Most use of WAP involves accessing the mobile web from a mobile phone or from a PDA. A WAP browser is a commonly used web browser for small mobile devices such as cell phones or PDAs, developed to allow a realistic browsing experience to users. Given the then inherent physical and technical limitations of these devices such as size and data transfer speeds, new code was created, and the WAP browser accesses websites written in, or dynamically converted to, WML (Wireless Markup Language).
We have been consistently providing large scale business opportunities to a wide array of Clientèle for their content and database as well as contact management. Our offerings of a plethora of WAP services like Email capture forms, WAP sites, SMS campaigns, Campaign promotion specific WAP sites, Gallery pages, media campaign sites, these services help our Clientèle analyze and innovate their products so that they can fine tune to the market expectations.
Application Development Servicess
Our Mobile application development services are widely acclaimed for their user-friendliness, their high level of applicability, and precise development for specific functionality. Our Applications are developed for small low-power handheld devices such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants, mobile phones, or any other data disseminating device. We used a wide base of platforms like JAVA, Symbian, Android, Qt, BREW, Palm, Flashlight and Micro browsers, Blackberry and iOS amongst others. Our applications have consistently been amongst the top 50 downloaded in the iTunes store as well as in certain case the Number one.
Long term Strategies and Short term campaigns
We are an agency that coordinates the purchase of media time and space for a large corporation that is likely to have a number of different agencies handling the various divisions and products. Appointed by the advertiser, we make all the corporate media contracts, for the media placement of their advertising. We offer our extensive client base long term strategies, keeping in mind their brand building concepts and exercises. We also offer them a host of short term campaigns, with mobile strategies and maintaining of agency of records. We aid large media agencies and media publishers, for their mobile branding and co-branding opportunities, our products function as their agency of records.